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  • Some people are able to make life-transforming changes while others remain mired in habitual self-defeating behaviors?
  • Some people rise to and excel in positions of leadership while others fail and fall by the wayside?
  • Some people thrive in meaningful relationships that endure while others drift from relationship to relationship never ascertaining what went wrong?
The answers to these and many other questions are answered in my book, The Road to Wisdom.

Since 1995, I have been conducting a corporate training course on the Enneagram called The Road to Wisdom with executives, managers, and employees. During this time, I was constantly being asked for a copy of my PowerPoint presentation as well as additional material that could be given to spouses, family and friends. My wife and business partner, Reve’, said “Why don’t you just write a book?”

I am pleased with the results of The Road to Wisdom because this is a book for anyone who wants to profoundly understand his/her own personality and behavior and that of others—boss, spouse/significant other, children, family, friends, etc. It is a book about how to make changes if you want, and how to gain wisdom about yourself and others that goes beyond anything you have previously experienced, unless you have spent years in therapy and/or self-exploration! There are many books written about the Enneagram; however, most have been targeted to professionals who use the Enneagram in their work—therapists, ministers/priests, professors, and theorists. I have distilled much of the theory of the Enneagram and put it in practical terms that are easily understood and usable in a variety of settings. Those who wish to continue their learning in more depth will find a list of further readings by highly esteemed authors such as Riso and Hudson in the Appendix of my book.

This is really two books in one. In the first part, I detail the skills that are needed to bring about lasting change and become the person you were meant to be, while giving specific examples of how to make those changes:

Chapter 1   It All Begins With Insight (Self-Awareness). Do You Have It? Can You Get It?
Chapter 2    If I Don’t Have Insight, Should I Just Pack It In and Go Live In a Cave?
Chapter 3    If I Have Insight And Can Take Feedback, Why Is Change So Difficult? A Model for Change

In the second part, I help you understand yourself and others through the Enneagram theory of personality, which describes nine different personality types referred to as Enneatypes, in the following chapters:

Chapter 4    Is It Really Possible To Understand Why I and Others Do What We Do?
Chapter 5    If It Is Possible To Understand the Complexity Of Human Behavior, How Do I Go About It?
Chapter 6    The Search For Principles And Perfection
Chapter 7    The Search For Love And Compassion
Chapter 8    The Search For Success And Respect
Chapter 9    The Search For Self And Creative Expression
Chapter 10    The Search For Knowledge And Truth
Chapter 11    The Search For Safety And Security
Chapter 12    The Search For Adventure And Fulfillment
Chapter 13    The Search For Challenges And Causes
Chapter 14    The Search For Peace And Harmony
Chapter 15    Is It True That My Strengths Overused Can Become My Weaknesses?
Chapter 16    Who Am I?
Chapter 17    What Should I Do If I Am Still Having Trouble Changing What Needs to Be Changed?
Chapter 18    The Beginning


Appendix A: How Can I Discover My Personality Type?
Appendix B: How Can My Company Benefit From What I Have Learned?
Appendix C: How Do I Keep Myself From Seeing Myself As Others See Me?
Appendix D: How Can I Go About Changing What Needs To Be Changed?
Appendix E: What Are My Specific Strengths And Weaknesses Or Vulnerabilities?
Appendix F: How Do Executives/Managers Shoot Themselves In The Foot?
Appendix G: Where Can I Go To Learn More About The Complexity Of Human Behavior?
Within each Enneatype I have covered the following:

  • An overview of the type
  • The Perceptual World View of the type
  • How you might know you are interacting with that particular type
  • The strengths of the type
  • The weaknesses/vulnerabilities of the type
  • The levels of functioning for the type: descriptions of human behavior as it exists on a continuum from healthy to slipping to unhealthy traits
  • Tips for working with the type
  • Life challenges of the type

Life is a journey, with many possible roads that lead to success and failure. The Enneagram has changed my life by helping me view life’s wonderments, tragedies, and every day events and interactions on the road called life with a new perspective. It has started me down what I consider to be The Road to Wisdom. It is my heart-felt desire that this book will make your road in life a little less bumpy, with fewer twists and turns and a minimum of potholes and dead ends. May God bless you, protect you, and guide you as you begin or continue along your ROAD TO WISDOM!

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