Revé Butler has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Counseling. She has 23 years of corporate Human Resources experience and currently is a business partner with her husband, Dr. Dennis Butler, in their company, Total Person Assessments.

Revé began her HR career with DST Systems, Inc. as Training Manager, where she established the Training Department as the organization grew from 300 to 2,500 employees over a 5-year period. She developed all aspects of organizational training, including new employee, job specific, and management training, as well as organization development, including assessment centers. Revé then moved into HR generalist work as HR Manager for Investors Fiduciary Trust Co, which included all aspects of Human Resources. Later she joined EPIQ Systems, a bankruptcy software company, as Vice President of HR just after they went public. Her next career move was to Grundfos Pumps Corporation, a subsidiary of the largest pump company in the world, with headquarters in Denmark. Revé was their Regional Director of Human Resources for North America.

In 2003 Revé joined Dennis in their consulting business, Total Person Assessments. She was inspired by their training program, The Road to Wisdom. During her 23 years in the corporate arena, Revé never experienced information that was as effective in helping people understand human behavior as the Enneagram personality theory. Teaching The Road to Wisdom has been incredibly rewarding because it provides an opportunity for participants to evaluate their own behavior non-defensively and make changes that are impactful and enduring.

Revé used her Master’s degree in Counseling to work part-time for Johnson County Youth Diversion for 17 years at nights and on weekends, helping youth who were first-time offenders. From 2001 through 2007, she was the Chair of the Board for Intensive Family Counseling, a nonprofit agency providing services to youth and families in trouble and to women returning to the workforce. Revé also served on the Board of The Central Exchange, a professional organization for women in Kansas City for 10 years, acting as Chair-elect, Chair, and Past-Chair, as well as chairing numerous committees.

In her free time, Reve’ enjoyed flower gardening, traveling and going to the movies every weekend (date night) with Dennis. In January of 2020, Reve’ died from AML after a long and courageous battle. Dennis greatly misses his best friend and the love of his life.”

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