Many years ago, when I was your age, one of my closest friends chose to take his own life. I was overwhelmed with grief and spent many hours wondering why this had happened. Later, his parents shared with me a note that he had written describing how lonely he felt because no one understood him.

As I look back on my life, this event most likely played a major role in my life and impacted significantly in my decision to become a psychologist. I chose to focus on personality so that I could help individuals understand and value themselves and others.

I developed Teen BETA (Butler’s Enneagram Type Assessment) to help you understand your , and others, personality – your strengths, your vulnerabilities, how your personality is similar to that of certain celebrities or famous people as well as quotes from people that are thought to be like you.

As you respond to the items on this assessment, be as honest with yourself as you possibly can – resist responding the way you wish you were or the way others would like for you to be.

Teen BETA consists of 162 items that describe strengths and vulnerabilities related to each of the nine types. It is completed here on our website, and the results are emailed to you in the form of a Report. The cost of the Teen BETA Report is $15 and includes the following:

  • An overview of the type
  • The Perceptual World View of the type (the “shoulds” that this type has for self and others)
  • The strengths of the type
  • Your self-acknowledged strengths*
  • How your strengths if overused can become your weaknesses*
  • The weaknesses/potential vulnerabilities of the type
  • Your self-acknowledged weaknesses/vulnerabilities*
  • Life challenges or developmental issues on which you could work to keep yourself functioning at a healthy level

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